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"At the age of 14, Nikolas Scott picked up a guitar…and never put it down. He started learning Johnny Cash and The Beatles and over the last ten years, he has spent time studying music, forming solid knowledge of a varied and eclectic catalog of songs, ranging from Frank Sinatra to Pure Prairie League to Michael Jackson.

He has also spent years writing and assembling his own music, which has a blues, jazz and pop feel. Nikolas spent five years in Washington, DC, serving in the United States Marine Corp, leaving in November of 2009 to pursue his musical career in the Chicagoland area fulltime. He is now playing about 250-300 shows, events, and private parties every year, constantly pursuing his passion as a truly creative artist.

Nikolas is no stranger to hard work or to adventure and has been able to blend his life experiences into his music, creating a distinct, mature sound that he is constantly developing. As a professional musician, Nik hopes to expand his career even further in the next year, playing more music for more audiences and challenging himself musically.

He even has a plan (one that is quietly envied by many native to Illinois) to escape winters in Chicago: to be playing and entertaining on a cruise liner by fall of 2010.

Marianne Chrisos